Thank you for your interest in Superior Software products. Available for downloading is your complimentary demo program for ES: The Estate Plan Analyzer, the computer program specially developed to do estate plan analysis in 1/10th the usual amount of time!.

ES is a unique software program that will allow you--in just 20 minutes--to analyze up to 14 estate plans and present your client with complete and informative single page reports showing the tax effect, liquidity and net worth transferred to heirs for each plan.
ES allows the user to include an irrevocable life insurance trust as part of an individual's net worth while at the same time having it deducted from taxable assets with one simple keystroke. Additionally, the extra taxes for generation skipping and excess retirement accumulations are included within the program.
ES IS EASY TO LEARN AND EASY TO USE! Even novice users will find that; with ES' Novice Level (with step-by-step prompting), easy-to-read manual (with a complete tutorial section) and on-line help; they can start using ES on the very first day. ES lets the user evaluate and understand the affect of disposing of estate assets in 3 easy steps:
Using Information Input (the assets and liabilities of the estate and the manner in which title is held) and Customization (variables which lets the user design scenarios to create personalized plans), ES makes calculations on up to fourteen different estate plans and generates reports on each plan.
ES' COMPLETE AND EASY-TO-READ MANUAL! The ES Manual includes discussion on estate planning, a tutorial section, an extensive reference, and a complete table of contents and index. Each of the 3 steps of ES (INFORMATION INPUT, CUSTOMIZED ASSUMPTIONS and CALCULATIONS) has its own chapter, with complete and informative explanations.
ES IS REASONABLY PRICED AND HAS A 30-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE! Unlike other programs, which may cost thousands of dollars, ES costs only $495.00 for the single user version (used in individual's name). A limited site license (in company name for up to 5 users) may be purchased for $845.00, and an unlimited site license (in company name for over 5 users) costs only $1190.00. ES is warranted to be fit for its intended purpose and comes with a 30-day "no questions asked" money-back guarantee.
Take a few moments to look over the demo program which will show you some examples of the capabilities of ES.

Download the Demo of ES: The Estate Plan Analyzer

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