[ES] is extremely easy to use. The documentation is excellent, the best of any of the programs reviewed for this article . . . includes a 30 page overview on estate planning. The overview is very informative and includes good definitions of terms associated with estates.
ES instantaneously makes detailed calculations and presents an analysis of various estate plans. The end result of the estate planning proces is a clear and concise one-page report that can be used when reviewing the analyses with clients. The report is very functional, informative, comprehensive and is quite presentable for client's review.
I wouldn't hesitate to use ES for estate planning. It was written for the accountant, lawyer an financial planner although it might be useful for non-professionals as well. Reprinted with permission from Computers In Accounting. " Special Report on Estate Tax Planning Software."

"Learning ease . . . A sample case that takes you through the software step-by-step is an invaluable way to learn the power you've purchased. . . . ES: The Estate Plan Analyzer, . . . [has] excellent sample cases."
"ES: The Estate Plan Analyzer provides step-by-step prompting and on-line help, as well as a comprehensive manual that is useful even beyond the software itself. Users can easily modify and adjust input to quickly evaluate the impact of various asset dispositive plans. A two-level data input system, one for novices and one for more experienced planner, is especially useful. . . . ES: The Estate Plan Analyzer allows the user to elect to use a revocable trust and computes the costs involved in a fully funded trust to illustrate potential probate savings. Assumptions built into the program are both readily identified and easily altered." Reprinted with permission from Estate Planning. "Choosing Estate Planning Software for Your Practice: Eight Programs Compared."

In using the program, I found it, to use a phrase common for software, "user friendly." Because I am not a computer buff, I was pleased that I could get results quickly without reading a complicated manual written by a programmer who did not understand the lawyer's problem.

Your program intelligently addresses the basic mathematical decisions in estate planning and saves many lawyer-hours of pencil pushing. The printouts of the reports are clear and understandable. Clients easily grasp what the lawyer needs to communicate to them. Irving Kellogg, Attorney At Law, CPA, former partner of Kellogg & Andelson, author of "Managing An Estate Planning Practice."

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