"CF: analyzes and projects cash flow in less than one-tenth (1/10) the time it would take to do it manually." Journal of Banking & Finance

"CF: is a unique, flexible and powerful system. Because the program has sophisticated features and a large number of well-formatted reports combined in an easy-to-use system, it is well-suited for use with small companies that need to plan their future cash needs in an affordable manner and for large companies that want to do consolidations. CF: has impressive ratio analysis capabilities, good audit trails, and is very easy to learn and use. Users with little or no computer experience can install and start to use the software in seconds." Computers in Accounting magazine

"The menu-driven format avoids the intricacies of spreadsheets and templates and allows non-programmers to create cash-flow projections, as well as to make changes in the data so that projections can be easily updated." Corporate Cashflow Magazine

"I'm not a computer whiz, but after putting in a small number of assumptions, I ended up with 30 pages of useful reports. CF: is helpful in not only managing cash on a short-term basis, but also in managing growth and meeting long-term goals. In a small business, cash flow is everything." William Brown, controller of Melancy Plum, a belt maker in Louisville. Reprinted from Corporate Finance

"It's extensive manual, including a tutorial, easily walks the user through the process of constructing cash flow analyses, using formulas, itemization and consolidation. No need to use cryptic spread-sheet formulas. You simply input data into eight flexible categories, and you can alter fundamental assumptions to tailor your needs to fit the program." Small Business Opportunities

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