CF is a computer program created for controllers, chief financial officers, accountants, attorneys, and businessmen, who desire to project the future needs of an existing business or the projected needs of a new business (whether that business is a corporation, partnership, or individual proprietorship and whether that business is large or small). CF is a business financial software tool for performing cash flow planning, cash flow forecasting and analysis.
Large corporations with many divisions can do cash flow projections for each division or subsidiary and then consolidate those divisions/subsidiaries into one master projection by utilizing a utility within CF.
Small businesses may now perform the task of planning for their future cash needs in an affordable manner.
Planning is critical for the success of any business and CF allows you to do the most important planning of all ---- cash flow.
CF provides the user with all of the reports necessary (including Ratio Analyses) to allow a bank to properly review the business and provide for an adequate amount of borrowing in conformance with the needs of the business and its ability to repay.
Cash flow projections are the most appropriate management tool for decision making.
If you are able to watch the in-flow and out-flow of cash in the business and project future income and expenses, you will also be able to identify the appropriate plan for the use of excess cash or arrange for the borrowing of cash (as it is necessary, either long term or short term).
With the knowledge as to a future money need, not only can you see the effect of either short term or long term borrowing, but you can also see the effect of the in-flow of additional contributed capital.
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