Cash flow projections are the most important management tool for decision making. A complete business analysis tool whether you are considering entering into a new business venture or want to manage an existing business more efficiently. Allows you to evaluate the in-flow and out- flow of cash, project future income and expenses, create business plans, substantiate long and short-term borrowing. Make better decisions by having more information.

Saves time and money.

The small business owner now has the ability to perform the task of planning for future cash needs in an affordable manner.


Large corporations can do cash flow projections for each division or subsidiary and then consolidate those divisions/subsidiaries into one master projection.

Makes data entry simple.

A "Menu Driven" stand alone program that does business analysis and cash flow projections without the use of spreadsheets. Up to five (5) year projection. Automatically amortizes debt payments and calculates taxes. Menu driven Depreciation. Full formula traceback with one keystroke. See how changes in assumptions change the business. "What if" situations are made easy for you and the results are viewed immediately.

Prints perfect reports every time.

View or print reports for each of up to five (5) year's projections, including Line of Credit, Net Income, Cash Flow, Working Capital, Sales, Gross Profit, General & Administrative Expenses, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Accrued Expenses, Fiscal Year-end Balance Sheet, Ratio Analysis, and Data Input Summary. Print all of the reports necessary (including Ratio Analyses) to allow a bank to properly review your business and provide an adequate amount of borrowing in conformance with the needs of your business and its ability to repay.
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