Most people aren't computer jocks. Therefore software programs should be designed for easy operation. CF offers a full-featured menu-driven approach that allows anyone to create a cash flow projection, and subsequent alterations, simply and easily. The user can set up a scenario, then experiment with different figures and situations without destroying the original scenario. It is the perfect solution for cash flow. Bruce Pope, Office Automators.

With CF, I was able to develop cash flow projections within hours, saving my clients hundreds of dollars. John Lupinski, Lupinski, Powell & Associates.

When I was looking for help with cash flow management and financial forecasting, there weren't too many software programs out there, except Lotus spreadsheets. A lot of companies can take the time to build this financial information internally in the form of spreadsheets. We chose CF because it had more features and represented a shortcut. CF allowed us to customize our assumptions for our particular company, analyzing cash flows and cash needs on a month-to-month basis, and do so quickly. Dabney Wellford, Troxel Co.

Because the program is memory resident, the cash flow calculations can be done very quickly. Additionaly, the comprehensive reports developed by the program are very impressive. One bank officer reviewed the cash flow projections I had generated with CF and asked where I had found the software because he had never seen such a complete report. Bruce Campora, Groom & Campora.

When a problem develops in my line of work, I usually need answers immediately. I have received fantastic support from Superior Software. The company president is a lawyer and accountant who understands the business and is willing to expend extra effort to solve any problem that might arise. David J. Anderson, David J. Anderson & Co.

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