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Superior Software, Inc.
16055 Ventura Boulevard
Suite 650
Encino, CA 91436-2609
Local Phone Number (818) 990-1135
Toll Free Phone Number (800) 421-3264
Facsimile Phone Number (818) 783-5846


Neal Rimer, President


A software developer of financial analysis application programs, the company's goal is to create programs that are easy to use, logical, efficient and which prevent users from making errors when inputting information into the programs.




ES: The Estate Plan Analyzer

A cost effective method of analyzing various estate plan alternatives, ES's primary purpose is to provide a plan that identifies ways to save taxes, identify liquidity requirements and the percent of an estate that will be transferred to heirs upon an individual's death.

CF: Cash Flow Analysis

A efficient, cost effective method to create cash flow projections and do what if analysis within an environment especially created for financial analysis. No programming necessary; not a spreadsheet, but a simple, menu driven program with formulas that are created by selecting menu choices.


Large (Fortune 1000) and Small Businesses; Merger and Acquisition Specialists; Investors; Banks; Trust Companies; Insurance Salesmen; Graduate Schools, Undergraduate Schools, and other educational institutions; Accountants; Lawyers; Financial Planners; Estate Planners.


Direct, Local Area Distributors, Retail-special order

Technical Requirements:

IBM PC, XT, AT, PENTIUM or compatible
384K, one disk drive
PC or MS DOS 2.0 or later
Color monitor with adapter, optional

Company Contacts:

Neal Rimer
Jared Rimer
Alys Clark
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